what type of events that trigger pipelines


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what  type of events that trigger pipelines

What  type of events that trigger pipelines 

Triggers are another way that you can execute a pipeline run. Triggers represent a unit of processing that determines when a pipeline execution needs to be kicked off.
 Currently, the service supports three types of triggers:
Schedule trigger: A trigger that invokes a pipeline on a wall-clock schedule.
Tumbling window trigger: A trigger that operates on a periodic interval, while also retaining state.
Event-based trigger: A trigger that responds to an event.
Pipelines and triggers have a many-to-many relationship (except for the tumbling window trigger). 
Multiple triggers can kick off a single pipeline, or a single trigger can kick off multiple pipelines. 
In the following trigger definition, 
the pipelines property refers to a list of pipelines that are triggered by the particular trigger. The property definition includes values for the pipeline parameters.