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Yoga  Asanas | ,yoga asanas names | Benefits

YOGA  Asanas And Benefits

Today Asanas have another responsiblity and importance from the point of view of physical health.

"The organs of the human body are made up of tissue. this is the reason why the health of human body depends on the health of tissue. According to physiology  condition there are three condition of health of the different tissue of the human body. these are-:

  1. Constant supply of proper nourishment and of the internal secretions of the endocrine glands .
  2. Effective removal of waste products and
  3. Healthy functioning of the nerve connections. cultural poses are fully capable of fulfilling these conditions."

Elements necessary for nourishment of tissue are carried to them by blood. such a supply depends not only on the quality and quantity of food but also on the power of digestion and absorption of the digestive system. This and the circulatory system can be kept in efficient condition through cultural poses. The gentle and automatic massage of the digestive organs required for the smooth functioning of digestive system can be more effective only when the abdominal muscles are strong and elastic. Bhujangasana, salabhasana, Yoga- Mudra, Paschimottanasana, vakrasana and Ardha matsyendrasana etc.make the abdominal muscles strong and elastic.