Repository not found. fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

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 Repository not found. fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

How to resolve Error "Repository not found. fatal that is  Could not read from remote repository".

There is always a problem while trying to access or read from the remote Git repository, as shown by the error message "fatal: Could not read from remote repository".
Please make sure you are using a recent version of Git.
Please check if the remote repository is functioning correctly. Sometimes, issues on the remote side can cause this error.
Some time by defult use  navigate to the local repository and we need to cross check the remote URL  is correct or not.
The following actions can be taken to troubleshoot and fix this problem:

Below is  list of command :


First command that can help you find list current URL of Origin then check it is correct or not : 
-> git fetch origin 


Second command use to remove correct origin :
-> git remote remove origin
After running this command, the remote named "origin" will be removed from your Git repository. You can then add a new remote or leave it as is, depending on your requirements

Step: 3

This command use to add correct origin :
-->git remote add  origin
-->git remote set-url origin <new-remote-url>

Step: 4

This command use to check url is correctly added :
git fetch origin

Conclusion :

Here we are check origin URL of Github  if it is wrong then remove it.
If you continue to experience issues after checking these steps, it might be helpful to provide more specific information or context about your setup, including the commands you are using and the service you're trying to interact with and upate ticket on community.
Always use caution when modifying remote setups, particularly when utilising a shared repository.Ensure that you have the correct permissions and communicate with your team if needed.