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#Machine learning Azure Turial

Machine learning Azure Tutorial

Machine learning Azure Tutorial


An introduction to some of the most popular Azure Machine Learning service functionalities is provided in this tutorial. You will build, register, and use a model in it. You will learn about the fundamental ideas behind Azure Machine Learning and how they are most frequently used in this tutorial.

You will gain knowledge on how to launch a training job onto a scalable computational resource, test the deployment, and end the job.

The following step you'll take are:

  • Set up a handle to your Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • Create your training script
  • Create a scalable compute resource, a compute cluster
  • Create and run a command job that will run the training script on the compute cluster, configured with the appropriate job environment
  • View the output of your training script
  • Deploy the newly-trained model as an endpoint
  • Call the Azure Machine Learning endpoint for inferencing


Required before start

  1. To use Azure Machine Learning, you'll first need a workspace.
  2. Sign in to studio and select your workspace if it's not already open.
  3. Open or create a notebook in your workspace:

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