Brief seen the effect of asanas on our body and mind

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Brief seen the effect of asanas on our body and mind

We have in brief seen the effect of asanas on our body and mind, the total personality of ours is related with our actions. Hence, it implie, if we want to stay healthy then Asanas Are necessary. Patanjali has very lightly said “sthira sukham asanam”. That is stabliity and feeling of well being are the results of Asanas.Sutra can also mean that the posture which is comfortable and stable is an asana. If the above is the description, then lying down is most comfortable , but can it be called an asana?

Hence basic question arises how to do asana will not remain Asana and Maharshi Patanjali has explained it very beautifully- “while doing asanas effort minimum. As regard the mind it should not waver but should be applied to the infinite or on our breath, so as to reduce tention. This is the direction proposed by Ptanajali. It is clear that if Asanas are performed as exercises. They will be more tiring,which will increase the quantity of “RAJAS” and hence the body unstable and the mind fickle. Kama, anger,greed, attachment enmity etc.,will increase. Hence the important point in the way of eradication of these two and making the mind and body free from all disease.


Hence the solution lies in knowing how to do asanas. In popular  language it is said that haste is waste, the same is applicable to the asanas. This saying has to be remembered. By effort and stability Maharshi Patanjali means the minimum use of force. Leet the asanas happen, doing should be minimum.Whenever the question of "doing " arises, instantly voluntary force comes into action. But when we talk of ,we ourselves become the ob server in order to see what happens  and this feeling forms a positive attitude in us. Because of this attitude the physical tension are minimised and the mind tends to avoid.